To Tell the Truth

The original “To Tell the Truth” TV show debuted in 1956 and ran for 12 seasons. There’s a new version of the show on TV now and its success is yet to be defined.

For those of you too young to remember original show, three people walked onto the stage and introduced themselves by the same name.  Then four celebrity guests asked qualifying questions of the each person to try to guess which one was the real “Neil Armstrong” (but never someone as well known or recognizable). The three individuals couldn’t lie, but they didn’t have to provide additional information – so when the “real” Neil Armstrong stood up, it was usually a surprise.

With all the Wiki-leak emails, back stories, videos, and accusations – I feel like I’m watching To Tell the Truth during the 2016 election process.  I think I know what the truth is or who the person really is – but can I be sure?  Donald Trump says the women accusing him of improper behavior are lying and he’s going to sue them to prove they are lying. Hillary Clinton says one thing at closed-door, high dollar bank speeches and something else on the campaign trail.

My simple solution: hook Hillary and Donald up to lie detectors while they are debating!

Then when the real Hillary or Donald stands up – the truth will have been told.

Sure wish I’d thought of that earlier!


Pastor Mark