Sunday School

Sunday School begins at 9:30am.  We currently have 3 adult Sunday School classes, each studying different things.  The classrooms are all located in the Family Life Center.  One is on the lower level, furthest from the stairs.  The second meets on the upper level in the Oasis (youth rooms).  The third meets on the upper level in the Fireside Room (classroom with the green carpet).    


Wednesday Night Bible Study

Our Family Night on Wednesdays includes an adult Bible study in the sanctuary led by Pastor Allen. It begins at 6:30pm and includes a time of prayer.  We give our volunteers and families a “break” during the summer (June – August) and come back together in September.

Life Groups

We were created to live in community.  Greeting each other on Sunday mornings just isn’t quite enough.  Who do you turn to (besides God) when life gets rough?  Our goal is to get every person who calls Union Chapel home to be involved in a life group.  We want you to be connected!  The goal of these groups is fellowship.  Biblically, it is described as a relationship in which people share things in common and bear each other’s burdens.  Groups 
eat, pray, and share together.  Days and times are set by the individual groups.  We have over 100 people involved in this ministry.  How about you?  Contact Pastor Brent at if you are interested in being part of a group or in leading one.

Other Activities

We have many other activities for adults, including a crochet/sewing group, a men’s group, a women’s Bible study, and more.  Ask us about them!