The Trump Train

I stayed up until after 3AM on election night.

I didn’t do it primarily to see Donald Trump win.  I wanted to see what everyone on the major news channels were saying about him.  I was pleasantly surprised that most of the announcers, pundits, and political professionals admitted they didn’t see the Trump upset coming.  Though they tried to analyze everything from the college educated to the minority vote to the rural voters – I heard only a few people say the truth.

The truth is that a VERY large group of people have had enough of the changes that have moved us further from reason, common sense, and any moral standard that the next generation could use as a compass.

Our government is a republic – meaning we have no king or queen who reigns because of their blood line.  We are a democratic republic – meaning we elect those who will represent us in places of power and keep us in mind as decisions are made. 

President-Elect Trump said it best when he said “Now we have to get it right. We must make the most of the opportunity the American people have given us.”

I want to see the United States God-fearing and great again!


Pastor Mark