How Do Pastors See Christmas?

I imagine one of your first responses to my title and question is “it has to be one of the busiest times for pastors” and you would be right. It might interest you to know that, in my situation, September-November is my busiest time of the year.

I used to see Christmas with frustration – as in, “I want my sacred holiday back!”   I admit I still struggle with all the TV programs and movies, mall decorations (though I don’t usually go to the mall because I believe malls were designed by women, for women), and emphasis on everything but the real meaning of Christmas.  I’m a bit more mellow these days since the only one affected by my frustration is me. Happiness is choice, right?

I see Christmas through the eyes of the poor more than I ever have.  I’m talking about the truly poor – those who don’t think in terms of expensive electronic toys but about coats for their children and food for their table.  I am so grateful for the Salvation Army and other groups who reach out in to the poor in ways we cannot. Our church supports the SA and several local food pantries.

I see Christmas through the eyes of those who have experienced loss and this Christmas will be their first (or 10th) without their loved one.

I also see Christmas through the smiling faces of our children at their annual Christmas program.  I never tire of hearing them shout out “GO tell it on the mountain!”

I’m SO grateful for the many expressions of love for my family from the Union Chapel family because I get to see Christmas in and through their love!

And, Dinah and I get to celebrate our 43rd Christmas together.

I have so much to be thankful for!


Pastor Mark