Community Relief

Mission Statement

We strive to introduce people to Christ through construction services as well as make a positive impact in our community.

Who We Are

As a church, we aim “to passionately pursue the reaching and discipling of people for Jesus Christ.”  One way we are doing this is through meeting the needs of our community, thus opening their hearts to receive the Gospel.  We will continue to foster these relationships through discipleship efforts.

Meet Our Missionaries

Matt Naylor and family serve as full-time missionaries to our local community as the director of Community Relief.  They live in Bluffton, OH with their 4 biological sons and 2 adopted daughters.  They have a heart for adoption and special needs children.  For many years, they have felt called to help those in need around them.  

Services Provided

¨ Flooring                         

¨ Plumbing

¨ Electrical

¨ Drywall

¨ Decking

¨ Wheelchair Ramps

¨ Roofing

¨ Siding

¨ General Remodeling

¨ Specialized Services depending on Volunteer Availability


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If you are interested in volunteering, or are in need of of our services, shoot Matt an email:!

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